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With a wide selection of online mastering services available on the internet today, I understand that choosing one of those services may not be easy. In fact, let's face it - most people probably wouldn't know or understand how to master an audio track anyways.That's where I come in; by helping you take your rough project files and turning them into cuts of diamond (no pun intended).

So what is Mastering?

Mastering is a term commonly used to refer to the process of taking an audio session or mix and preparing it for distribution. This process involves many hours of making fine tune changes and a profound amount of knowledge about how to make those changes. In essence, it can be thought of as preparing your audio track to sound good across all devices - from headphones, to cars, to studio quality monitors.

Note: Mixing and Mastering are two very different things. While they do share similar techniques and the same tools are used to acomplish both processes, they are not the same. Mixing refers to creating the best "Mix" of multi-track recordings or takes, whereas mastering is taking the final mixdown and polishing it.

Think of like this:

Mixing is the process of taking individual parts of a song or arrangement and getting them to work in unison for that song. Analogous to building a house, think of mixing as getting all of the parts in place to make sure the frame is solid, the plumbing is in ready for hook-up and the foundation is ready for carpet.

Using the above example, now you can think of mastering as decorating the house you built and putting the final touches on it so that it is ready to be lived in. Mastering completes the process and makes sure that no matter who visits, it's always looking (or in this case  sounding), good.

What's included in my Online Mastering Services?

Audio Restoration 

This step fixes any hiccups in the original mix like unwanted clicks, pops or hisses. It also helps to fix small mistakes that stand out when un-mastered audio is amplified. 

Stereo Enhancement 

Stereo enhancement deals with the spatial balance (left to right) of your audio. Done right, stereo enhancement widens your mix, helping it sound bigger. It can also help tighten your center image by focusing the low-end. 


EQing corrects any spectral imbalances and enhances elements that need to stand out. An ideal master is well-balanced and proportional. This means no specific frequency range is left sticking out. A balanced piece of audio will sound good on any playback system.


The last process in the mastering chain is usually a special type of compressor called a limiter. Limiters set appropriate overall loudness and creates a peak ceiling. Limiting makes the track competitively loud without allowing any clipping that can lead to distortion.

Do you provide Online Mastering and Mixing Services?

Absolutely! With a background in audio engineering, I am capable of handling any project that is handed to me. I have worked with many influential artists over the years, both big and small and would be honored to work with you for all your creative needs.

Whether you are local to me or 10,000 miles away, I am capable of providing you with online mastering and mixing services.

How much does Online Mastering Services cost?

Honestly, that really depends on how elaborate your house is. Without seeing your session files and having a clear idea of how much you have put into your song or track, I can not provide you with an honest estimate of how much time and effort I will need to put into your song or track. Think of it this way - just like houses, all songs are built differently. They have different sounds, instruments, vocal recordings, layered tracks, over-dubs, and more. Giving you an estimate without having a complete understanding of your needs is irresponsible on any companies or engineers behalf and I refuse to do so.

If you are serious about having your track or song mixed and or mastered online, please use the contact form below so we can discuss your project in greater detail.


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