There once were two friends who wanted to do something great and unique with their lives. They wanted to do music! They wanted to be famous rappers and be known all over the globe! Their names were Eddie and Dave. They hung out, and talked, and dreamed, and made dick jokes.  They would literalize everything each other said with elaborate word games and double entendres.  They would even change the lyrics and sing adolescent filth into the melodies of their favorite songs, and laugh about it for hours!  They were the BEST of friends!

Actually, they were more like decently good friends.

Actually, they only were friends because they both did music and were from the same shitty small town in a rural area of a averagely large metropolitan area of like a top-20-sized US city.  They bumped into each other when one saw on the other's Facebook, or Linked in, or whatever-the-fuck-other social media platform that he was from the same obscure ass town, and figured since they both had music pages they should be friends!

And then they eventually met up and became "friends" by default, I guess... 

ANYWAY, so for years they chilled. They went through the motions of being buds, made plans, bought some equipment together, took a couple road trips, and kept chugging along through the hustle of day-jobs and life, all the while maintaining a steady march toward their mutual goal of being famous rappers! Yes, they were amazingly close and inseparable. Nothing could stand in their way! 


After years of carrying on as they were, Dave began noticing that all the effort they were putting in was getting them nowhere, so eventually Dave decided he needed a change, and went to get help!  He saddled up his trusty steed and set off on an epic journey to seek a magical mythical Oracle Goddess on top of the holy mount Kahzicoof... Not really. He just went to the fucking library and got a book... Actually, no he didn't do that shit either, he really just picked his phone out of his pocket and did a quick google search and found an informative article that spoke to his situation. The article told him simply that EVERY INDUSTRY IS BUILT BY PEOPLE, FOR PEOPLE, AND PEOPLE ARE INHERENTLY SOCIAL CREATURES... SO IF YOU WANT TO GET INTO A PARTICULAR INDUSTRY, GO MAKE GOOD RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY

Dave took that advice! Over the next few months he researched, and pondered, and planned, and eventually moved to Los Angeles, because THAT particular city is the CENTER of the music, movie and entertainment business (Dave's career's respective industry), so it was only logical that he go there!  He knew it wouldn't be easy, but he also knew if he just put himself in the right position, with enough time, and hard work, he would come across other people who could understand his disposition and dreams and goals, and relate to him, because they at one time were just LIKE him. He knew that if he just toughed through the difficulties of starting life anew in a brand new place, eventually his talent would shine through, and he would garner the right opportunities that would put him in a place to be able to REALLY excel in his career, and make some substantial leaps forward in his pursuits. After 3 years in LA he got a major record deal and released his debut album to critical acclaim! He bought his mom a house with his music money, began a bustling career in entertainment, went on to do great things, and lived happily ever after... 

Dave made out just fine with his career dreams... But NOT Eddie.

Eddie was a huge bitch. He stayed back in his small town comfortably surrounding himself with people who looked up to him for his talents.  Though he went through a lot of the same MOTIONS as Dave, he secretly just wanted to be a head-honcho, and was using his "music" endeavors as a front for his constant pursuit to stroke his ego and fill the void in his soul left by his father or some shit; because deep down he just felt insecure as a man, and had many self-control issues. His whole relationship with Dave was actually a big ass "long-con" play to try and ride Dave's coat tails to greatness, hoping he could get the accolades without actually putting in the work or taking the risks... Eddie was threatened and intimidated by any situation where he wasn't the smartest person in the room, but would never say anything about it. He would just sit there quiet and weak-bitchly, harboring his inner rage like a school girl.  


After a couple years away from Dave, as his life stagnated and his musical aspirations began to fizzle down, Eddie grew deeply bitter.  He started retroactively blaming Dave for his lack of success, even though Dave thought they were on good terms.  He proceeded to then sneak diss Dave on a couple of songs, and then wrote various passive-aggressive comments weakly referencing Dave on his Facebook, or Linkedin, or whatever-the-fuck-other social media platform on stuff Dave would post. When Dave called him out on it, Eddie then blocked Dave, ignored his phone calls, and then proceeded to ghost Dave like the huge bitch that I told you he was.  Yes indeed, Eddie was a titanic, ginormous, festering bitch, and he never made it in the music industry. He just settled down with some random ass average chick, and faded into the dull of middle-American society, constantly reliving the embittered fantasy of how Dave somehow ruined his chance at greatness by taking an initiative to move to a city more advantageous to his career choice. 

So what is the moral of this story? The moral is this: IF YOU'RE THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE ROOM, YOU'RE IN THE WRONG ROOM.  All of society is built by people, for people. People like doing favors for people they like, and one favor from the right person can bypass YEARS of red tape trying to go it alone. Those are the facts. This doesn't even just apply to the entertainment industry. This could apply to you if you were just working as a waitress and you want to be a manager. MAKE FRIENDS WITH MANAGERS, hang out with them, learn their ways, stay in their faces, pick their brains. I mean think about it; when you have a hook up, who do you hook up first?  Random people in obscure towns across the country, or people who are close to you who you like? DUH, people hook up their FRIENDS. You need to put yourself in that HOOK UP ZONE with the right people in your industry.  It can't happen long distance, because as we all know... Long distance relationships NEVER work out. Too many people are just thinking they can stay where they are, isolated and alone, and then all the sudden 'BLOW UP' out of nowhere. That is literally NEVER how it works. Anyone you see succeeding in ANY industry has someone behind them who was there first, and who is older, wiser, and more powerful then them GIVING THEM the opportunity for that success. What they do with it then determines how far they will go, but they DID NOT GET THERE ALONE. If you're stagnating in a situation in life, whether you're aspiring to be a technical engineer, or own a janitorial company, or just get a promotion at your job, you may need to take a look at the people you're around, the city you are in, and the company you keep - even in your downtime. IT MATTERS. Remember, IF YOU'RE THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE ROOM, YOU'RE IN THE WRONG ROOM, bitches. BOO YA.


Wrong room niggiz be like...