I don't write lyrics. I just sit in front of the mic and record ideas and build on it. I found over the years that writing is just a redundant step. It's a vestige of an earlier time when you used to have to have your bars ready and then go record in a studio... But now everyone records themselves in their own studios. You can just use your voice as the pen and the DAW as the paper. Then you know exactly how the words feel on the instrumental, and you never have to worry about a disconnect between what you write and how you perform. I feel like it's more organic that way. Try it if you haven't. I found that it really opens up the creative workflow. I seriously haven't physically "written" a single lyric in the past 8+ years. Last song I can remember writing down the lyrics to was "Justus Where Are You" in like 2008-2009. Everything you've heard from me since then till now is done using this method I'm describing. It also makes memorizing the lyrics easier too. Build the song all out like that first just letting the ideas flow, then go back through and record final takes on everything once you have it like you want it to perfect the final product. You'll start cranking out material like never before. There, you've been given a song writing cheat for the day. Use it wisely.